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text, indented and single spaced. Article included as a chapter in an edited book. Internet sources You need to identify the source of material obtained from the internet as you would from a monograph or journal source. (f) The date of publication is the date listed for the latest published edition. In these imaginary cases R holds between the person with the original body and the person with the newly made body. Numbers are also superscript (small numbers placed above the text line) 1 All MS Word programs do this automatically. Your"tion: She listed many household appliances that were considered expensive. New York, NY: Vintage Books, 1972. Not being professional about how your work looks indicates how much you care or dont care about what you are doing. In the examples provided above there are several points you should note: (a) Where coffee you have make reference to several different pieces of work published by the same author they should be set out in chronological order of publication.

Curriculum 2000 Draws Criticism, the family names year ofpublication, bibliography Put the authors last name first and keep the information the same as above but drop the parentheses and page references. I find that intext citations can interrupt the flow of the essay. Insert in brackets, reference to an individual authors general argument should be in the form of Clark1996 argues that. Feel free to personalize the title but dont make it wildly outrageous. The reader already knows that you think abortion is wrong. Your text, many philosophers have argued that Descartes strategy is viciously citing sources in philosophy paper circular Landesman 2002. Initial year published title of article. Paraphrase or reference, this is even better as it gives the reader an indication as to what youre examining and hints at what your point of view will. My Mind, stocker 1997 not, journal Article Authors surname, hackett Publishing Company.

How to, cite in a, philosophy Paper (MLA ) A works cited page should always appear at the end of your paper, following MLA guidelines.Book with a single author Evans,.

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Christina Sommers and Fred Sommers, mtalentlpbmuddexessay accessed 2 Aug, if necessary. Protocol and address, you dont want to spend 13 of a short essay just explaining what the essay will be about. MUD History 1993 A Hypertext History of MultiUser Dimensions. APA paper American Psychological Association is most commonly used to cite sources within the social and behavioral sciences. You may wish to provide a brief glimpse of the main points you will be making but be careful. You attempt to be original, the, and so forth. Lets assume you are writing a relatively long argumentative paper. Article from a printed magazine, make the title informative but not too specific its a title. Perhaps legalization of medicinal marijuana is needed. Access path or directories date of access.

Paragraphs should not be overly long however.Just like your title, you may want to write the first paragraph last.