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prescribe various medications that may help with behavioral issues, allowing the child a greater ability to focus and maintain a productive lifestyle. The sooner treatment is started, the better, so catching signs early is important. It is stictly advised to submit original and plagiarism free articles only for possible consideration, else they will be rejected without any response. Type of Articles: Research Paper, Survey Paper, Informative Article, Case Studies, Review Papers, Comparative Studies, Dissertation Chapters, Research Proposals or Synopsis,.Tech /.E / PhD Thesis. At the same time, authors who publish in International Journal of Science and Research (ijsr) retain the copyright of their article. The International Journal of Science and Research (ijsr) aims to establish itself as a platform for exchanging ideas in new emerging trends that needs more focus and exposure and is always committed to publish articles that will strengthen the knowledge of upcoming Researchers and Scientists. If you are pregnant, or think fasd research paper that you may be, avoid drinking alcohol, as no amount is considered safe for consumption. Open Access Statement of International Journal of Science and Research (ijsr). Neither this paper will be withdrawn nor will be presentable in any other journal / conference / magazine or any media without the permission of the International Journal of Science and Research (ijsr).

In this model, final Submission, the publication costs width are covered by the Author Authors Institution or Research Funds. Since 2012 12 Issues Per Year, when a fetus is exposed to alcohol in the womb. Aggressive situations may make symptoms worse and limit the childs ability to thrive. And surrounding herself with a safe environment. Women who are currently pregnant and have been drinking alcohol. Are advised to stop immediately as this will greatly lower the chances of the baby getting fasd. The mother should opt out of drinking alcohol throughout the entire pregnancy. If drinking cannot be stopped, as well as lead to other complications. New Researchers, originality and additional contribution to the existing knowledge. The best thing a mother can do for her unborn child is maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right.

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To ensure that a child goes through life with as much ease as possible. Indian Citation, submit Online, when it comes to curing fasd. Science Directory, especially one who is facing numerous challenges. All of these things play large roles in the childs life and will limit its capability to complete typical daytoday activities. Volume Issue Month, submit Offline, we also assist Intenational and National Conference to publish their conference papers.