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sheath their house that will last decade upon decade with no upkeep. Here's a link you might find helpful:. Read the rest of the 5 Worst Mistakes of Historic Homeowners: Part 1 Windows, part paper 2 Floors, part 4 Plaster. You see, Im not a blind purist! In independent tests, HardieWrap weather barrier outperformed its nearest competition in each of these categories: water holdout, air penetration resistance and tear resistance. First, vinyl siding doesnt allow the house to breathe. MY latest videos, most of the time when I remove vinyl siding from a historic house, I find wet, spongy, and rotted wood siding. (Optional) I always prefer to prime the back of any siding with oil-based primer prior to installing them just for added security. Of aluminum siding is usually covered in dents after only a couple years from its biggest enemiesMr. Not a single one! It gets rained on, snowed on, tortured by hail and sleet, and the sun is constantly beating down on it and baking its protective layer of paint off day by day. Its no wonder that folks look to solutions like vinyl or aluminum siding to protect their homes exterior. Not so much because of the damage it can cause but because its just plain inferior to historic materials. Vinyl siding hides all kinds of ills which, along with its inexpensive price, is what makes it so popular. We actually came upon an aluminum sided house once that was built with brick! When properly installed and cared for they will protect your house for well over a century. If it looks like OSB when you peal it off or cut it-it's very likely the LP Innerseal Siding that was the subject of a class action settlement not too long ago. Hail Damaged Aluminum Siding, aluminum siding is another enemy of old houses. That way if there is a leak or moisture build-up behind the siding, youre still protected. Follow this advice and your siding wont need to be replaced until your great grandchildren can swing a hammer. So, lets dispel a myth.

Repaint your house as needed to maintain your siding. There is no such thing as no maintenance. Curb appeal, few home improvements or repairs can enhance the performance. And remember, by Scott Sidler, fiber dissertation cement, james Hardi siding products are top quality. Just like any relationship needs quality time and attention to remain healthy. Long lasting products that, the homeowner was thrilled to have us remove the siding and reveal their beautiful brick home. Always leave at least a 34 gap though we leave 1 between siding and roofing materials to prevent rot.

I saw a new house with felt paper under the siding rather than Tyvek.What are some of the negatives of using black paper opposed to tyvek under vinyl siding?

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Especially when it pertains to historic homes. Part 5 The Details, you and your inspector will never be able to know there is a problem lurking beneath until its far too late. These two words scare the heck out of me when it comes to home improvement products. Since water vapor cant get through the vinyl. The vinyl siding got some moisture behind it sometimes from rain seeping in and sometimes just from water vapor trying to escape paper the house. Inevitably, it just sits on the wood siding and turns it into a mushy mess that termites love.

There is one product that I dont mind, and actually use occasionally on our projects, that is not historically accurate.Cedar siding and shingles, especially if they are old growth, are extremely long lasting and resistant to rot and insects.The problem with siding is simple.