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or on the computer, space is not particularly an issue. . Once you have decided that your students would gain tremendous benefit from seeing the progression of history in the form of a timeline, the first obstacle that crops up is, How do we start? You need to set boundaries for your timeline. When you find a sequence that makes sense, you can cut and paste the pages together into one big file. 2, make a list of events to include. Though in a different format, a timeline, like a story, should be flow smoothly and be engaging and interesting to read. The reader should be eager to learn about the next event, just like they would be when reading a page-turner book! You dont have to worry about format just yet just type page numbers and author/book name for now. Gather a list of the presidents of India along with one or two important things that they did as individuals. You will need to create an entry for each event, and they will all need to fit on the timeline. Choose the timespan you plan to cover in your timeline. Focus in on a few major points that you could write about. Again there is no right answer, only personal preference. . This writer is greatly impressed with the software program Easy Timeline Creator. . Plan out what you're going to put on your timeline before you begin making it because it is extremely hard to erase any mistakes or add in forgotten events. Hardcover book or CD-ROM available. . You will alternate researching, writing, reordering, and revising. Sets are provided for ancient, medieval/renaissance and modern history. . They are evenly spaced increments, such as 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years. Suggestions and advice on m are for general information purposes only and should never be considered as specific to any individual situation, nor are they a diagnosis or treatment advice for any kind of medical, developmental, or psychological condition. Always use due diligence when choosing resources, and please verify location and time with the organizer if applicable.

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Or date of significant achievement, paper Pencils, the best sources for your topic might be taken by other students. So make sure you use several sources. The second key to writing a lengthy research paper is to think of the writing process as a cycle. Consider choosing a time period rather than the whole span of recorded history. If this causes frustration best value for money toilet paper uk and resistance to the project by your students then we have defeated the point. Below are some guidelines to get started. Etc, a computer timeline requires software, which can be anything from the most basic of applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel or similar word processing and spreadsheet applications to a program that has been developed specifically for the purpose of creating historical timelines. Determine if you want to make your timeline hang horizontally or vertically. You need to provide a wellrounded history of your topic. There are a few good reasons to get an early start.

How to Make a Timeline.A timeline provides a visual representation of events that helps you better understand history, a story, or a process.If you re doing this by hand, write out all the events on a separate sheet of paper before adding them.

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But make sure it will be long enough. There is no right answer, i would recommend copying it on cardstock or construction paper. It is not as hard as it might seem. These could be articles or books. Cut them out, for example, anything that phd is worthy of studying is worth recording on the timeline as the timeline gives the snapshot perspective of when things happened and in what order. More Classroom Articles, paper as it breaks the project down into a manageable sized chunk. Related Articles, local resource listings are for information purposes only and do not imply endorsement.

For example, if you are doing a timeline of the 19th century, you can break it up into decades: 1800, 1810, 1820, and so on, all the way to 1900.Making a timeline with children can be a fun and rewarding experience. .