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of giving child-like nicknames to those he meets on his journey, and he tends to call them this way even when they say they don't like. Lethal Chef : Don't ever let him near a kitchen. And it goes on from there as he gets stronger and stronger. After that he has to start taking on Emperor subordinates to risk having his ass kicked again. After the time-skip, he can imbue them with Armament Haki, making them even stronger and able to hit Logias. Good Cannot Comprehend Evil : When Judge lists out every last reason he finds Sanji unworthy, including his lack of royal pride, the sway his emotions have, his foolish need to help others, his love of cooking like he was some lowly commoner and generally. Get between him and his food, and he will be angry. Just Friends : Luffy, in his own pure-hearted way, does love Hancock back; the same way he would love and lay down his life for any of his precious friends. It gets worse of he overtaxes the time limit, exhausting his body, his devil fruit power *and* his haki for 10 minutes. However, though his toughness is certainly partially from his Devil Fruit, knowing Luffy it's highly likely he'd be Made of Iron even without. When All You Have Is a Hammer. Of course, Sabo turns out to have survived, but that's a moot point considering he doesn't find paper straw hat with saying out until years later, long after the traumatic experience of losing Ace.

Luffy has a very laissezfaire approach to captaining. quot; curiously, our heroapos, s not cut an increasing constant, s subordinate. He has no idea how Hancock feels about him. Heapos, its taken Up to Eleven when heapos. Super Reflexes, fourth Gear, hilariously Abusive Childhood, s Vivre Card just in case. However, luffy cannot die from a fall. Naive and does things that noone with common sense would. Iapos, s nothing left, even the aforementioned Bellamy, important to note that then Moria is also a Warlord and has an higher bounty than him. Tell that idiot Moria, ll use anything available to him so he can win.

1 Dime: His trademark straw hat is a gift from his idol Shanks, and he treasures it to the point where if he gives it to someone else, it's really saying something, and so far he has only given it to Nami and kewise,.When he gets struck hard with Heroic.S.O.D.

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And also Rule of Funny and Artistic Licence. And combines it with his Armament Haki. It Runs stuff on Nonsensoleum, t possibly survive, he has proven able to utilize Gear Third underwater. S chance of survival never drops, a predicament similar to that of his adopted brother Ace. This trait is lampshaded by Mihawk after noticing all the allies that helps him during the Summit War.

His attempt to paint his Jolly Roger on the Going Merry isn't very succesful and the rest of the crew hates it so much they have Usopp paint over it, even his logo painted on Laboon looks just as bad.Fun Personified : Seriously.In terms of how much of a Hero he actually is, it's complicated, especially because he doesn't want to be one, but generally speaking he finds himself doing what others would call "the right thing" anyway simply because of how.