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be earned by completing a minimum of 51 semester credit hours beyond prerequisites, compared to 69 semester credit hours if completing the two degrees separately. (1) jindal The MS Finance Program allows students the flexibility to complete the program at their own pace, choose courses, and gain knowledge to pursue opportunities in finance or real estate. The MS in Marketing (MS MKT) program prepares students seeking higher level positions in marketing and/or pursuing a graduate program to further advance their marketing knowledge. Wei @kdw061000, Han (Victor) Xia @hxx110930, Jun Xia @jxx132030, Ying Xie school @yxx124930, Yexiao Xu @yexiaoxu, Alejandro Zentner @axz051000, Jieying Zhang @jxz146230, Yuan Zhang @yxz122931, Feng Zhao @fxz082000, Yibin Zhou @yxz066000. The program is designed for students with or without previous educational background in finance, but with a proclivity toward more quantitative approaches to managerial issues. The MS in Accounting (MS acct) degree program enables students to tailor their degree in preparation for specific career goals by selecting electives from various fields, including corporate accounting, assurance services, taxation services, internal audit, and governmental accounting. Incoming freshmen admitted to the Collegium V, Terry, National Merit and McDermott Scholars Programs explore discipline specific mentoring in small group settings and enjoy close interaction with affiliated faculty. Year One, fall, financial Accounting, marketing Management. Marketing, real Estate, strategic Management, supply Chain Management, systems Engineering Management.

Dess ggd021000, innovation EntrepreneurshipInternal Audit, and financing of the, provided they school meet the educational requirements stipulated by each stateapos. International Management, the Jindal School offers two options for students. The program also ensures that students acquire fundamental knowledge of business analytics and its applications and handson experiences gained through projects in partnership with companies.

Through a unique combined master s degree program, graduate students may earn an MS EE degree from the Jonsson.School of Engineering and Computer Science in combination with an MBA, or an MS degree from the Naveen.

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The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and a select group of experienced healthcare executives phd and physician leaders who bring a special experience and expertise to the with program. A joint MS semmba degree is also available to regular fulltime students in the traditional format of the program 2 The Cohort program in which students are admitted only in Fall semester. The executive curriculum is jointly taught by faculty from the UT Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management. The program trains students to use analytic models and tools to identify opportunities as well as problems within business operations in order to gain a competitive edge in the global economy.

Prerequisites for Graduate Programs Students pursuing graduate programs require to complete one semester credit hour of Professional Development course (except MS Accounting, MSĀ  Accounting Cohort, MS Finance Cohort, MS Financial Engineering and Risk Management and MBA programs).McCracken @jfm, Dennis McCuistion @dxm094000, Diane.The Jindal School of Management offers several approaches to obtaining an MBA degree.