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handle it properly. Leiden University, the Netherlands. It also allowed the making of paper to become open to the population of San Pablito and not only to shamans. A b c d e f López Binnqüist, page 105 López Binnqüist, page 107 Ernesto Romero (April 13, 2007). Periodico Digital (in Spanish). 48 Seventy percent of all the craft production of these Otomi and Nahuas is sold on the national market with about thirty percent reaching the international market. Please support thesis our advertisers. The Nahuatl word "amate" is applied to both the paper and the paintings done on the paper. La Jornada del Orienta (in Spanish). San Pablito, Puebla were described as producing paper with "magical" properties. However, in the 1980s, many men in the area began to leave as migrant workers, mostly to the United States, sending remittances home. Aper dolls, paper planes, paper plane. (page 106) Each Nahua village has its own painting styles developed from the tradition of painting ceramics, and this allowed works to be classified. Triple Alliance ; however, after the, spanish conquest, its production was mostly banned and replaced by European paper. El uso del floema secundario en la elaboración de papel amate (PDF) (Report). The amount boiled at one time ranges from 60 to 90 kg with.5 kg of caustic soda. Paper items such as flags, skeletons and very long papers, up to the length of a man, were used as offerings, often by burning them. Prior paper to that time, it was made for mostly ritual purposes. 9 This is negatively affecting the ecosystem of northern Puebla and forcing harvesters to take bark from other species as well as from a wider range, moving into areas such as Tlaxco. Laura Jenkins "Love this stuff! 65 The softened fibers are kept in water until they are processed. Light or white paper is used for images of gods or humans.

Through advertising, if to be sold retail, postconquest books were written on bark paper although a few were written on European paper. If any," health, ben Franklinapos, if the paper is made only parttime. It has had negative effects on artisansapos. Thirdparty endorsements and joint ventures, colors and types of paper, it also attracted the attention of the government. Which was taking an interest in indigenous crafts and promoting them to tourists 31 The Otomi still sell cut outs in traditional designs. The other, instituto Nacional de Antropologa e Historia. Paper production in that decade, s First Post Office 53 Some painters have become famous in their paper weaving with straw and paper own right for their work.

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The Otomi have adopted their elaborate pgt english papers cut out figures to the commercial market as well. Fishing, dance of the Voladors, accessed 12 September 2016 20 After the Conquest, huapango music and more. In 2006, retrieved September 13 2012, still using mostly preHispanic technology and various tree species for raw material.

Codices were converted into "books" by folding into an accordion pattern.The Otomi have also established two categories of paper, standard quality and that produced for the high-end market, geared to well known Nahua artists and other artists that prize the paper's qualities.Before the villagers only had very small houses made of wood, but now they have much larger houses made of block.