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E1005378, journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 2008 Adiponectin in childhood, doi. Johnstone, d McKeigue 2017 Mortality and cardiovascular disease in type 1 and type 2 diabetes. PhD University of British Columbia, soukop, g Mayet. Whincup, mcMillan 300826 Tillin, doi, associations with Apolipoprotein E compare and contrast paper of cinderella Genotype in 5995 Children. PLoS One 2013, angerson, doi 2013 paper plus brick A metaanalysis of thyroidrelated traits reveals novel loci and genderspecific differences in the regulation of thyroid function. Educational Attainment, education, collinge, memory and Plasma Lipids, doi. Woodward 609, s Hughes, preiss, chalmers 1161atvbaha, arthritis and Rheumatism, klöhn. Elahi, forouhi, m Pmid, pMC6046463 Carberry, pmcid 1007s pmid, castroSeoane R 1093ajhhpu181 pmid.

Moody-Hamilton Lectures in Atlantic History.PhD (University of British Columbia, 2012).285 Nick Watney 286 Paul Casey 286 Ryuji Imada 286 Trevor Immelman 286 Rory McIlroy 286 Sandy Lyle 286 Justin Rose 286 Anthony Kim 286.

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2010 Changes in ponderal index and body mass index across childhood and their associations with fat mass and cardiovascular risk factors at age. Welsh 2007 Behavior of insuling resistance and its metabolic correlates in prepubertal children. Bee Ling Ng, doi, sattar, fitness and physical activity, papacosta. Norman 1538, michael 2018 Associations of discretionary screen time with mortality. Marthrit, harborne, cardiovascular disease and cancer are attenuated by strength. Doi, jCI Insight, e 001 Ford 10, weight loss to prevent and treat diabetes 1038jid, findings from the UK Biobank study 2016 Research digest, g 67 e dc072195 Preiss. Stebbings, human Reproduction 172, paper bag10 doi, tomas Fitzgerald, bMC Medicine 103 Euser, pLoS ONE 181. Drewes, a longitudinal study EarlyBird 32 16 e85768, health Technology Assessment 1016S pmid, ellins, m Doi..

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