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shift the piece to a dry location and let it dry. Colored, transparent phd pizza online file folders - you might have to look around to find the colors you want; I ended up buying three multi-color packs, 1 from the 99cents Store, 1 from Staples, and 1 from CVS to get all the colors I wanted. The gunkier your fingers get, the more likely you will smudge the stained glass and it is almost impossible to clean paper earrings, so it is better to just not mess them up in the first place. Step 5: Gluing 1 Color If your piece is one color it is really easy to assemble. First was adding a circle at the tip of it and creating a hole. It was thin, came in lots of colors, and was cheap. We believe in helping you find the product that is right for you. If you add too much it might drip onto the "stained glass." Now let them dry completely before adding the earring pieces. Carefully line up this piece with the first piece and push them together.

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Photo, make sure you donapos, update, you just want to make sure the gap around the earringapos. Just donapos, but I eventually decided to coat all these paper earrings which seemed to fix that problem. If this is your only option. After trying a couple different sprays. The items are packed beautiful and safe in handcrafted boxes. Then glue the other piece on as if you were finishing.

Shine Bright With One-Of-A-Kind, paper, earrings, from Etsy Today.Earrings -Gold, earrings -Baby earring -Girls earrings, earrings for him-Gift For her-Art deco earrings -For him-Yellow gold earrings.

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the paper store earrings I used a sequins pin because I had them sitting around and they are slightly thicker than sewing pins. Hyannis MA 02601, i started the paper store earrings with, you can design whatever earrings you want. But I have attached the files for the ones you see in this Instructable.

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The holes probably won't cut well because they are so small, but don't worry.This note can be for at any point while making these, but I noticed while working with multiple pieces that my fingers would get gunky with mod podge.