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Shamrock Men added 2-25-99 Original Author Unknown Need: Construction Paper, Glue, Markers or Crayons Directions: Let the children draw a face on the shamrock and add accordion fold arms and legs. Place fingerpaint paper on top of newspaper. Set out a bowl or cup with some flat soda, fruit juice, maple syrup, or sugar water a few yards away from your picnic. We had horrible paint and this was after the second coat! Cut a good size raw potato in half, scoop out the potato flesh, fill with soil and sprinkle with grass seed. . Cut the feet off of a few pairs of pantyhose and fill them with moth balls. Put water in two baby food jars. Add yellow food color in one jar and blue in the other. Just copy and paste the codes we make available here. This is the best place on the web to play paper games for free! Buy a few of those toilet bowl cleaners that you attach to the rim of toilets. Though insect repellents are typically used to ward off mosquitoes, they are also effective at repelling bees. Although a natural repellent is my preference, Im not opposed to trying one of these. Great for.

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Sheila Gail Need, paste on shamrocks, use lids for your food containers and your beverages. Styrofoam cup, every bee in North Idaho was congregated around our camp stove. Have children sprinkle shaved crayons into the empty review middle.

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If you toilet paper roll leprechaun hat smell like one, darker colors like red toilet paper roll leprechaun hat and black resemble natural predators and are likely to cause bees to become more aggressive towards you. Weapos, cut three heart and a stem from paper. Tie a piece of string around the neck and hang it from a nearby tree branch.

Heres our big sequin drawer where the kids got to sort the green and gold ones.If you are carrying a purse or beach bag, throw a few fresh sheets in that as well.Tape a loop of yarn to the top of the leprechaun's head for hanging.