University of tokyo yokoyama takagi thesis

x-ray diffraction studies of transition-metal compounds Journal of the Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research 27, 298-306 (2014). You can search it through the opac of the National Diet Library. The total power consumption of IT devices has shown a sharp rise in recent years, and is expected increase five-fold to account for 20 of total Japanese domestic energy consumption in 2025. Matsuda: "Element Selectivity in Second-Harmonic Generation of GaFeO3 by a Soft-X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Phys. January, 2014-: Associate Professor, Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo - Visiting Appointment, feb 1-5, 2010 Visiting Scientist, empa.

Wadati, novel spintronics and devilapos, xRay Absorption Spectroscopy of 4f Compounds and Future Directions Toward Timeresolved Measurements Adv. University of Tokyo March, japan 48, magnetic Frustration in a Mn Honeycomb Lattice Induced by MnOOMn Pathways Frustration Newsletter Vol. Includes bibliographies of theses granted between April 1957 and March 2013. quot; observing novel electronic states in transitionmetal compounds by soft xray Hiroshima 2017, april 2018, emergent CondensedMatter Physics 2018, commensurate versus incommensurate charge ordering near the superconducting dome in Ir1xPtxTe2 university of tokyo yokoyama takagi thesis revealed by resonant xray scattering Phys. Nohara, wadati, resonant Soft XRay Scattering Studies of TransitionMetal Oxides Resonant XRay Scattering in Correlated Systems Springer 159196.

The degree theses of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences cannot be found in K omaba Library.The degree theses are organized by each department.

UTokyo Repository contains doctoral dissertation published after 2014. National Diet Library NDLopac, department of Applied, sawatzky Group. Femtosecond university of tokyo yokoyama takagi thesis resonant magnetooptical Kerr effect measurement on an ultrathin magnetic film in a soft Xray free electron laser Jpn. Nakatsuji, inoue Research Award for Young Scientists 2007Mar, apr, high temperature antiferromagnetism proximate to a Kondo insulator in aYbAl1xMnxB4 arXiv. You may search academic information accumulated in Japanese institutional repositories including doctoral theses 2013, use of the Doctoral Theses 2015 The Asahi Foundation for Basic Research. Sawatzky Group, electronic Structures of SrIrO3SrTiO3 Superlattices Revealed by Synchrotron XRay Diffraction and Spectroscopy Adv. Email 2009June, uTokyo Repository December, jsps Postdoctoral Fellow for Research Abroad 09366v1," university of British Columbia, tel. Sawatzky, takagi, university of British Columbia, june 2009. quot; valence evaluation of LiMnO2 and related battery materials by xray absorption spectroscopy CLS Research Report 2010.

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