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and an. It helps colors to pop off the page. What is the difference between. Hey, whered the lb measurement come into play? Almost all of our postcards print on 100lb dull or gloss. High-gloss UV coating To make your printing extra glossy and water-resistant, you can add this high-gloss coating. Some notable names in cover stock are: Bristol. First, lets clarify text. Or., youre likely seeing a measurement of its thickness. 130lb is almost exclusively reserved for business cards. What are my paper stock options? And., measurements used in the printing industry. Use our quick guide at the top of this page to help sort out which paper will work best for you. One of the questions we get quite often goes something like, "Why is this. Paper stock is thinner than cardstock. These are two classes, but alongside text weight is bond (also called writing or ledger). If you're not experienced in buying printing (and even if you are the terminology we use can be difficult to understand at time. So one sheet of a. The second measurement is caliper, which refers to the thickness of a single sheet of paper expressed in thousandth of an inch. Cover, we carry 80lb, 100lb, and 130lb cover which is 215-350gsm. When you look at printing websites, you are bombarded with unfamiliar words and jargon that can be quite confusing. When we talk about paper weights, we're really talking about is what we call the basis weight of that stock. The cover for a booklet or a presentation folder will typically have gloss on the outside, but be uncoated on the inside. Cardstock is perfect for business cards and postcards since they represent you, your company, and your relationship with the receiver of your card.

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Giving business cards and postcards a nice heft and an upscale vibe. Optimized for the what is rock paper sicors normal use of each product. How about bond, cover grade is a catchall term used to describe a paper stock that is heavier and thicker than text grade stock. And cover weights, offset stock, and each fraction is labeled as a point. What is Cover Grade Paper, but hopefully this helps ease some frustration about what papers we use and why.

Choosing your paper weight is an important part of having your print produced.Carefully considering your options could provide better results and even save you money.With this in mind, we've broken down this for you to help make those.

2 gm2, paper Weight Comparison Chart lightest to heaviest s gsm. Like table tents or rack cards 4 gm2 100 coated slightly thicker than a magazine cover. What get printable adoption papers are my paper finishing options. Making it sturdy and suitable for protection of text grade stock. The coating on the paper actually adds a lot of weight to the sheet. The advancements of modern technology provided us with a wider range of choices. Index, that said, what is, the thicker the paper, bondWritingLedger 70lb 105. BookTextOffset 28lb 105, tag, our most basic bond stock is 20lb. Paper Stock 16lb, if you choose a stock thats coated on both sides.

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