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all popular large format direct-to-textile printers. They produce warm-black to neutral image tones by development, which can be varied by using different developers. While there are many other things to take into consideration, these questions provide the basis for setting up a digital textile print production shop. 2 Fiber-based papers are generally chosen as a medium for high-quality prints for exhibition, display and archiving purposes. Structure edit All photographic papers consist of a light-sensitive emulsion, consisting of silver halide salts suspended in a colloidal material - usually gelatin - coated onto a paper, resin coated paper or polyester support. Color separation and screen engraving translates to long strike-off periods. Your favorite images can be transferred to almost anything, resulting in a final product that is unique, colorful and long lasting. 3 Most fiber-based papers include a clear hardened gelatin layer above the emulsion which protects it from physical damage, especially during processing. Our Protex Tissue is recommended when transferring, to eliminate ink contamination on the Nomex belts all the while helping the fabric to remain stable and reducing stretch in the heat press. Available in sizes 24" (61 cm 36" (91 cm 44" (1.1 m 54" (1.3 m 64" (1.6 m) and 72" (1.8 m). Low minimum order quantities means highly customizable products. Advertisement for Ansco Cyko photographic paper, 1922. Laminate TexBak to your fabric by means of a rotary calender heat press at low temperatures and high speeds. Printing is at surface level, yielding average washfastness and crocking. A high gas barrier sheet with enhanced heat resistance, ProTex's formaldehyde-free chemistry prevents yellowing of white synthetics during heat calendering. ProTex is available worldwide, in 19 gsm through 25 gsm weights and roll widths from 61 cm (24.2 m (130. In the past, linen has been used as a base material.

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Extensive Assortment of Made in the USA and Imported Fabrics.Digital textile printing is highly customizable and convenient.Development of our product line came from many years of experience within the sublimation industry, and as a natural extension of our company, we strive to develop a reputable dealer network that are also known leaders and an experts in their markets.